Shelby Daytona Replicas

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It’s interesting to note that for all of Ford’s success in closed Grand Touring racing in the late 1960s, it actually began on a downbeat note in the early 1960s. Right around 1962, Carroll Shelby, already a successful road racer … Continued

Ford GT40 Replicas

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There was a time in the not too distant past that the name Ford was heard almost as often as Ferrari in the winners circles of major international road races as the Dearborn automaker concentrated heavily on racing. Its rational, … Continued

Ford T-model replicas

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When Henry Ford instituted the $5 per day salary for his assembly line workers at the River Rouge works,  the world’s first assembly line where the famed Model-T, “everyman’s car,” was built, many in the car industry thought that either … Continued

Porsche 935 Replicas

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In the 1970s, the major governing body for road racing and road racing series was the Federation Internaltional de l’Automobile and this group was facing a major decision point, whether to allow the Porsche 935 continue as it was, winning … Continued

Porsche 356 Replicas

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The prototypical Porsche replica on the road today is none other than the 356 or “bathtub” Porsche which made its appearance in 1956 and was, in one way or another, really just a Volkswagen with a different body. Today’s replica, … Continued

Lotus Replicas

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Mention the name Colin Chapman to anyone who has any history in the auto business and you are likely to receive a knowing smile and, if you are lucky, a small anecdote about Chapman and the cars he designed and … Continued

Porsche 904 Replicas

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If you are one of the lucky 100 or fewer who own an original Porsche 904, there are only four words you need to hear: Hang On To It. As Porsche’s one and only dual/purpose vehicle, the 904 was introduced … Continued