Ferrari 360 replica

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It is hard to tell this is not a genuine Ferrari 360. Well, it is. This Ferrari replica is built on Peugeot 406 Coupe which is one of the best donor cars if you’re up on building a replica Ferrari … Continued

McLaren F1 Replica

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Wow. This polish guy, Jacek Mazur, did an amazing work on his McLaren F1 Replica supercar. And it is so good, it is hard to identify it is a replica. Jazek is a huge fan of Top Gear TV show, … Continued

Batman’s tumbler replica

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Chinese can replicate anything. This time there’s this Thumbler replica under our radar. Thumbler is very well know car of the Batman. This particular one resembles “Dark Knigh” edition and was made by Li Weilei. And this car is for … Continued