Porsche Carrera GT

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After developing working plans for the 1999 LeMans road-racing season, Porsche was caught left-footed when FIA and ACO, the two international governing bodies of road-racing, made some rule changes that directly impacted Porsche’s original 911 GT1/LMP1-98 race cars. One of … Continued

Ferrari Enzo replicas

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The Ferrari Enzo was a limited edition model built using Ferrari’s vaunted F1 racing technology so that 399 lucky people could drive one of the world’s fastest street-legal machines. Styled specially for Ferrari, it was reported at the time by … Continued

Ferrari F40 Replicas

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Looking at the Ferrari F40 now is like taking a step back in time. When it was designed and engineered in the late 1970s, the wedge shape was in. Whether it was rounded or hidden by various aerodynamic devices such … Continued

Ferrari F360 Replicas

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Partnering with Alcoa Aluminum to produce key parts of the F355’s replacement, the F360, Ferrari was once again the master car-builder that it had been. In teaming with Alcoa, Ferrari developed a new unit-body chassis that was about 28 percent … Continued

Ferrari F355 Replicas

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When Ferrari introduced the 355, technically the F355, in 1994, it has something to prove. Product planning had it as the successor to the 348 and it would have been if something funny hadn’t happened in between, a small Japanese … Continued