Ferrari California replica based on 2003 Mecedes Benz SL

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Ferrari replicas are usualy build on Toyota MR2 donor car. This Ferrari California replica is based on 2003 Mercedes Benz SL which is quite a car itself. The kit is called “DNA West Coast” and is provided by US based DNA Automotive, but the kits are made in the UK. It’ll cost you $22K to get the kit ant is does not include the donor Mercedes. The interior conversion kit is $7.5K.

The other kits from DNA Automotive include:

  • “DNA DN8” – a 99-02 Mercury Cougar based Ferrari 458 replica.
  • “DNA 5CUDO” – again the 99-02 Mercury Cougar based Ferrari 430 Scuderia.
  • “DNA 4THIRTY” – a Toyota MR2 (3rd generation) based Ferarri 430 supercar replica.